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Steven C via website

        Jacque Walburn from Real Health Solutions has been instrumental in improving my health. I have a history of not eating junk foods and yet I was still overweight. She then introduced me to a whole new awareness that I was eating HEALTHY JUNK foods. She then explained in precise detail how some of our so-called healthy foods convert directly into sugar within our bodies.
        She then took a group of us on a extensive tour of our near by Whole Foods Grocery Store to better understand the nutritional content and value of various foods. I was then empowered to make better healthy food choices that has been very beneficial in improving my health. 

Dane S. Shota FB

Jacquie Walburn,

Thank you for your help in clearing my eczema without the use of pharmaceuticals. I have consulted with two dermatologists, two natural paths, and a dietician, none of which could help me like you did. I have been searching for a cure that involves addressing the cause instead of addressing the symptoms, which you were able to provide me. You are truly amazing!
Dane S. Shota

James P from FB:

I suggest viewing Jacquie Walburn at realhealthsolns.com page, she has an extreme amount of knowledge about weight loss and nutrition.

​​E-mail: realhealthsolns@gmail.com or  facebook: Real Health Solutions with Jacquie 

Jack C via yelp.com

Jacquie has presented some fabulous seminars at the Boeing Fitness Center in Huntington Beach CA.  I attended one on Type 2 Diabetes and more recently one titled "Medicinal Superfoods to Grow in Your Garden".    Although I have been working on dramatically improving my health for a few years now, she provided some very useful information.  Her and I are on the same page and I can tell you that her recommendations for how and what to eat will make a huge difference in the way you feel.

"I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Jacquie Walburn after she was recommended to me by a good friend. Ms Walburn was the utmost professional from the first time I met with her through the completion of our service agreement.  Not only was she very knowledgeable about her field, she gave me confidence in believing that there was a solution to my complete recovery. She quickly developed a  strategy to address my medical condition and worked closely with me during the entire process.
While I went along with the program, I initially had reservations about achieving the high expectations Ms. Walburn established for me at the outset. It's now just about one year since we began this journey, and  though there were times I felt overwhelmed, Ms. Walburn encouraged me to stay committed to the task, and instead focus on the big picture.  I am now very pleased that she kept me on track and now consider myself fortunate to have entrusted my health and recovery to Ms. Walburn. I now have a clean bill of health from my medical provider and owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs Walburn and of course My Lord and Savior." 

- MW, Ca via yelp.com

Jean Strong, Orange County, CA via Totalwellness.club

"The Best Wellness Coach Ever!!"
Jacquie is amazing. I came to her because I had some health issues and I wanted to lose about 50 lbs. I liked her immediately. Her enthusiasm for what she does, her high level of knowledge, not just about health and fitness, which she freely shares, was just what I needed to get a jump start. She asked me many questions about my health and eating habits, and then made me a list of recommendations for what I should do next. She introduced me to foods, food combinations, and recipes that had me almost immediately quitting my sugar habit and eating at a much healthier food consciousness. And, its fun!! Her passion is contagious and together we have put me on a path to health and wellness that I will stick with, and I don't feel deprived at all. She even told me where to find the foods and supplements I needed at Costco, my local market, and on-line so I can stay within my food budget and eat much healthier. She and I check in on a regular basis whether by phone or e-mail so she can measure what works and what isn't working, and make recommendations that will help me even more. She's amazing. I'm so happy, and relieved, to find a Health/Nutrition Educator and Coach of this quality and integrity who really cares about my over all wellness and health. I could go on and on about how wonderful she is at what she does. Anyone looking for a nutrition and wellness coach should get in touch with Jacquie, you won't regret it. She is knowledgeable, affordable, and will definitely change your life once you work with her. Thank you Jacquie, I look forward to continuing working with you.

Jim W, Orange county, CA via totalwellness.com

"OUTSTANDING Health / Nutrition Coach"
Jackie is the REAL DEAL as a Heath/Nutrition Educator and Coach. I was introduced to Jackie by a friend who I witnessed make substantial progress from a very serious illness condition. I ask him "what are you doing to make this turn-around?" This led to Jackie and I meeting. At this point here are highlights of her totally affordable service: Massive knowledge which she shares freely. Absolutely Passionate about my well being and health. Has a vast resource library of Herbs & Products for my specific issues. She did an extensive review of my complaints, eating habits and current food choices...'What was really useful' was that once we found what's needed; Jackie showed me how to find these products from COSTCO and online for up to 80% less than retail!! She's a Gem! A TRUSTED Partner in my Health and Well Being. I AM SO GLAD I MET HER. I will be working with her towards my weight and vitality goals for as long as needed...with pleasure! Can't recommend Jackie Wilburn to much!"