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Heal Thyself Naturally 

Pocket Reference Guide to Researched Herbal,

Nutritional, and Food Alternatives 

by Jacquie Nelson Walburn, Real Health Solutions

Book Objective: ​

Most drugs treat symptoms & are not cures. The purpose of writing this book is to provide an all-in-one quick pocket reference to all the tested, studied, clinically used alternatives to harmful/risky pharmaceuticals or OTC drugs without all the fluff of the bigger books. 

Most people, including Doctor’s, do not have the time to read all the research. 

This book is for those who want an inexpensive listing of proven natural options to prescription/OTC drugs due to their side effects, toxicity, and/or interactions with other medications or supplements.

I have included botanical, herbal, nutritional, & food therapies, treatments, & cures. This is your starting point to any of the 650+ synopsis listings for over 90 conditions to see what might suit your needs.

2018 - just added sections on healing diets: pro's & con's + autoimmunity ​