Arthritis: The Triggers, Leaky Gut, & Natural Remedies

Arthritis is reversible if you eliminate the root cause. Most forms of arthritis are considered to be auto-immune starting with leaky gut leading to an immune system response.  The most common forms are:.....

Diabetes: The Risks, Prevention, Leaky Gut, & Reversal

It would be important to preface this that I too had diabetes, obesity, leaky gut, insulin resistance, arthritis, allergies, asthma, systemic candida overgrowth, and reversed it all using this information

Top Healing Diets: What to Know

​​Most chronic diseases are linked to nutrient deficiencies, leaky gut, and microbiome imbalances. It starts by making a decision you want to be healthy, free of disease, and drugs that are only symptomatic bandaids that cure nothing with more side effects.... 

Are We Just A Bacterial Colony? - 2016
By Jacquie Nelson Walburn 2016
BS Nutrition/Food Science, Educator, and Nutrition Coach @

In reality, yes. Recent research has now brought to our attention that our health is linked to what is termed as our microbiome or gut microflora. This refers to the beneficial bacteria that live in a mutually symbiotic relationship to us in and on our bodies. Let’s do the numbers. It is estimated that humans consist of 60+ trillion cells but our beneficial bacteria living with us, inside and out, number at 10 times that amount to outnumber our own cells 10 fold. For you math folks, that is 600+ trillion of them!....    

Inflammation, Leaky Gut, and Links to Our Health Issues (and What to do about it)

What is Chronic Inflammation: Research has identified inflammation as the root cause of all ailments, conditions, and diseases - from heart disease to obesity, diabetes, and many autoimmune diseases. Inflammation is a protective response to noxious stimuli that unavoidably occurs at a cost to normal tissue function. There are many causes or triggers linked to inflammation from the foods we eat ladened with GMOs, pesticides, preservatives, artificial sweeteners to other environmental factors such as our water, air, medications including NSAIDs, etc and even stress, hormone imbalances, personal care products, and heavy metals. Many people make uninformed choices that....

Parkinson's: A Personal Family Journey in Reversal & Possible Prediction

Background: It started with my father being diagnosed some 30 years ago. With myself having a BS in Nutrition and strong courses in anatomy, physiology, and microbiology, I wanted to know more and help. At that time, there was not much out there in the way of research. I offered to help him....

​Obesity, Diabetes,... Debugged?
Good news! Research says it is not your fault! So stop blaming yourself.
How did this happen? Around 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”Also “Health starts in the gut”. And so medicine grew from there. What changed? In the 1800s, Pasteur won a debate where he argued the “germ theory” that microbes caused diseases where his counterpart, Bechamp argued "The microbe is nothing; the terrain is everything" referring to managing your gut bacterial terrain and you do not need to worry about microbes. Pasteur’s victory changed the course of medicine. Research has just now figured out Bechamp was right. If you have a good gut microbiome, you don’t get diseases......

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One Ring to Rule Them All

In terms of your health, Hippocrates figured it out some 2400 years ago when he stated all health leads to the gut. That is your bacteria microbiome. So, instead of "you are what you eat", it is more like "your health becomes what you eat". The root cause here is inflammation which starts in your gut due to the foods you eat and then spreads causing havoc on the rest of your body. As time goes on, it progresses and you get tired of being tired, having pain, no energy, brain fog, arthritis, ADD, IBS, and so on. You may be familiar with the term for this as "leaky gut syndrome". Research is finding that if you fix your gut, you fix your health.....​​

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BMI Charts are not for Everyone -2015

BMI charts are based on normal, average people proportions of height to weight.

What is normal for who?  They do not take any individual information for the incredible

amount of personal variations apparent and obvious to most of us. Remember that

muscle weighs more than fat shifting the scale in either direction.

Some people carry a rather large muscle mass due to working out, being a competitive

athlete, or doing extreme sports, etc. ......

Dementia: Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s

- The Causes, Prevention, Halting, and Reversal linked to leaky gut

​​​This is personal. After watching my father decline from Parkinson's for years until his passing and then my brother started to decline rapidly, he came to me for help. Changing his diet, filtering his water, and adding botanicals, we reversed about 80% of his degeneration. 

Background: ‘There seems to be an underlying commonality between the sudden increase in.....  

Pain, Inflammation, Leaky Gut & Natural Remedies

Pain: Simply, the body’s signal to the organism that something is wrong. This is your body giving you warning signals to get your attention. Usually due to an injury to tissues.

Inflammation: Simplified: The body’s protective defense and immune response to damaged or injured tissues at the expense of normal tissue. Important to recognize that there are 2 types of inflammation: injury or chronic. Chronic is considered the root cause of most human conditions and diseases.......

Food Addiction Explained- 2016

We have been lied to for so long with the 40 year failed food pyramid experiment and our food production feeds all our problems. Gluten free processed foods are not the answer either as still full of processed sugars. Change your relationship with food and get healthy in the process. Here is a great video that explains it. When you are ready, I am here for you.​......

Taking Charge of Your Health – the Winds of Change

by Jacquie Nelson Walburn 2013

We have all seen the big pharmaceutical companies pushing their new drugs in TV commercials

and hear the side affect. I listen and think the side affects are worse than the ailments they are

meant to treat. And who said anything about cures? It is a sad state of health care when drug

companies become the new drug pushers in today’s world. The drug companies want us to go

in and ask our doctors for drugs all in the name of money in their pockets. Isn’t that the same

objective as illegal drugs? How is our “war on drugs” going anyway? Seems to me we have a

new problem.

There is now a pill for everything. Oh, can’t handle the side affects? Here’s another drug to help with that. Did they forget to mention that the side effect is liver or kidney toxicity or how about bone loss or my favorite - it increases your risk of heart attacks or stroke? Does that sound like it is in your best interest? The internet adds to the problem by sending out e-mails and advertisements of how to get these drugs without a prescription and now, as in the news of late, children are dying for it. It is no longer about what is best for the patient and it should be. 

To add to the problem in today’s health professions, pharmaceutical companies, & the FDA are trying to limit what doctors can prescribe to their patients. Doctors are even being threatened to loose their licenses to practice “medicine” if they prescribe natural remedies or cures even for common ailments. What happened to the Hippocratic oath? When did we lose that?

Many doctors around the country are now so frustrated that they are taking on the big money pharmaceutical companies and challenging their money-hungry lobbies to allow herbals, botanical, and nutritional remedies to be recommended. Why? Because in recent years, many reputable institutions such as medical schools, teaching hospitals, and research institutes are now conducting clinical studies on drug-free alternatives and their effectiveness against high-dollar prescriptions. What are they finding? That the natural alternatives equal or out perform these drugs without the side affects of the prescription drugs. They are publishing these results in professional journals and people are starting to take notice. Why don’t we hear or see them? They get buried in our news reports by the powers that be. Some of these doctors now have cable shows, radio talk shows, etc trying to overcome the many obstacles in the way of informing the public that they have options and do not have to play along when it comes to their own health. 

Why aren’t more Doctor’s on board? Doctors actually get very little nutrition education in medical school. Plus, there is now too much information for the average doctor to keep up with. So many professional journals, books, and newsletters are being put out, they don’t have time to read them all and incorporate the information into their repertoire. My own doctor asked me for a copy of all my researched accumulated information that led me to make up my reference guide. Those that have researched are trying to change our attitudes towards our health and encouraging us to do better for ourselves. We need to get second opinions, ask for alternatives, and do some research of our own. Because of these efforts, so many things like Omega 3 have become a household alternative name most of us recognize, naturopathic remedies are now sold in grocery stores for such thing as colds and flu, and many books on the subject are becoming big sellers.

We, as a nation, need to tell our health care agencies or even our government by the people, for the people, what we want or expect form our health care system. Let us demand the re-institution of the Hippocratic oath and allow doctors to practice what is in the best interest of the patient’s health.

Many people have great ideas about how to fix our healthcare system. I think we should start simple. I should be able to decide what is my best course of action when given informed choices by a practicing physician – traditional doctors or naturopathic (physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, herbalists, nutritionists, etc.) I also think we need to find a way re-vamp the FDA from just “Food and Drugs”. We need our representatives in government to remove the pharmaceutical companies hold on them to become neutral in regulating or un-regulating our food, drugs, and alternative medicines such as herbals, botanicals, and nutritionals and to stop telling doctors what then can and can not do. Plus, we need to re-evaluate their roll in allowing biotech crops in our food supply without public approval. “Organic” market place is growing as more people vote with their feet and consumer dollars. My favorite quote: "Let fo​od be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates  

I can help. Doctors tell you to "eat better" with no real explanation and assume you know what that entails. Health, just like life, is a journey that takes time. It took time to get here & it takes time to get back. I can guide you through this journey in whatever direction you determine you need to go, whatever help you need to get there, and make your journey a positive and rewarding experience!

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