Why Me, Why This
Good health, like life, is a journey. 
We all start out perfect then, antibiotics, American life style, & just "life" happens and we get off track, lose our way - Commercials, parent's misinformation on healthy eating, fast-paced life, & so on.

4 favorite quotes/philosophies: 

1. "Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine be thy food". Nature provides everything we need to meet our needs.  

2. "All health starts in the gut". If they are out of balance, so are you - big time.

3. “It is more important to know what kind of person has a disease than to know what kind of disease a person          has.” ~ Hippocrates

4. "Health and wellness are an investment where illness is an expense". You choose.

Where am I right now in My Journey?

At present, I have reversed 15 auto-immune/spectrum conditions/symptoms: my diabetes (blood sugar - 125 to 79/A1C - 5.9 to 5.3 + lowered my cholesterol 25+ points), obesity (lost 90 lbs), years of constipation, all my allergies, asthma (seasonal + foods), arthritis, stage 4 chronic kidney disease, 40 years of pain, edema in my ankles, eczema, leaky gut, metastatic candida, NAFLD, and the list goes on. I am in better health now in my 50's than I have been in 30 years. Still working on hypothyroid/Hashimoto's antibodies decreasing, low progeterone & want another 20 lbs off.  

Where have I been?

I have struggled my whole life to find balance. My journey started with my first round of antibiotics destroying my internal balance repeatedly. At age 10 when I found myself over weight & went on my 1st low-carb diet. I lost the weight only to find over the years it came back over & over again as I also messed up my metabolism in doing so without proper help. 

Fascinated by how the body worked, I pursued my BS Nutrition dietetics degree & started applying what I learned to change my life. Even though I was eating healthy, I still was not in control and at that point accepted this as my fate. Then things changed. I started teaching High School Biology. 16 yrs of covering not only nutrition but genetic, GMOs, digestion, microbiome, endocrine system, immune system, and sustainable ecology, and how they all work together - all giving me experience teaching the holistic integration of these subjects to students. It was not until my father got sick when I started doing massive research to increase my knowledge to go beyond nutrition to include herbals, non-GMOs, artificial sweeteners, & sugar issues tied to inflammation, that got myself closer to my goal. I have now done years of research and put together a synopsis of much of the information into a book. I have also furthered my education to include a Gastro-intestinal Mastery Certification

My Life in Retrospection
Western medicine abandon me 45 yrs ago & continues to do so. They told me at 12 I'd never walk again. I did. Told me I'd never run again. I did. 1 world record, 4x all-american, 2 Olympic trials later...then told me I'd be crippled by 40 for destroying my knees, etc. in athletics so I successfully re-built my body. 
I found myself pre-diabetic so I repaired my pancreas and stabilized my blood sugar. 
More recently, I found myself in menopause & gaining weight so I went after that & now lost all of it. 

I am now at gluten free, sugar-free, dairy free, following Paleo/Ketogenic formats & working towards full organic as I still find myself on my journey. 

​I have been where ever you are, tired of being tired, fluctuating weight patterns, in pain, and so on. I have tried it all, blamed myself, given up, reclaimed myself, expanded my knowledge, dug deeper to find new answers to new questions. My family and friends are turning to me for help and I am loving it as I see them change and improve. All of this has shaped who I am today and just increased my desire to help others find the answers they are not getting anywhere else. 

My personal mission
I want to help as many people as possible in their quest to find health, happiness, and balance in their lives by whatever means I can. We all need to think about changing our relationship with food away from the current addictive behaviors to the pleasure centers of the brain to the idea of loving your body for keeping you alive and nourishing it with love approach. Love your body, give it what it needs, and it will love you back. 

I provide personalized, high-quality nutrition advice ranging from real, whole food to supplements and herbals to meet your specific needs. Explain to me what is in your way and together we can make a plan to achieve all your goals.  

​​ Real Health Solutions


​​E-mail: realhealthsolns@gmail.com or  facebook: Real Health Solutions with Jacquie 

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