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​​E-mail: realhealthsolns@gmail.com or  facebook: Real Health Solutions

​​No matter what health issues you may have, I have answers you may not have found anywhere else - tired of being tired, weight fluctuations, plagued with high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, constipation, pain, arthritis, diabetes, leaky gut, taking meds....You can feel better than you have in years or even decades with the right guidance and support. This is my goal to help you have the health, energy, happiness, and life you desire.

I have spent 17 yrs teaching others basic nutrition plus researching current major nutrition/health theories and concepts from all aspects including digestion, terrain management, biochemistry, macronutrients, micronutrients, microbiome, and genetics. The old "dieting", counting calories, low-fat, etc is all fading away to focus on bringing all aspects of a core, healthy lifestyle together with good food, enjoyment, and fulfillment in all aspects of life with the side effects of this is weight loss and dis-eases fading away replaced by good health. 

I differ from others in this field as

1) I am all in for you as I do not believe in "all things in moderation" thinking.

2) I will come to you any place you are comfortable - your home, work, coffee shop, etc. 

​3) I also, unlike others, tell you upfront what your investment in yourself is.

Disclaimer: always consult your healthcare professionals before starting a new program.

Together, we can all participate in your taking control of your health and celebrate your success. 


As an additional bonus, earn discounts for referrals!

                                         "Health is an investment, Illness is an expense"

Solutions -

FREE e-mail consultation! $50 value.

Tell me know where you are in your journey - your condition, your  symptoms, 

why you want to change, where you want to go, & how  you want to get there. 

Click on my contact page so we can connect! 

Who do I help?

I serve only a few dedicated clients at a time, not the masses.

My perfect client is anyone with digestive problems who is ready to commit to real changes to achieve true health. For these few, I believe I can guide you to real results using real food, nutritional's, and botanicals to re-balance the body to see and feel results in just 30 days of commitment to your program. 

Current In-Person SPECIAL: 30 day program includes:

- 1 two - three hour session to learn everything about you & design a program just for you

- 1 one-hour follow up session after 2 weeks 

- phone/e-mail support/Q & A

- Food plans/shopping lists/recipes/recommended botanicals

$ 600 ($800 value) 

​On-line programs available as well