​​ Real Health Solutions


Are you looking for a guest speaker for your group?

I have spoken on many occasions to a wide variety of groups on many different topics. If you have or would like to refer any group, I would be happy to do a presentation.

Previous presentations:

Growing your own superfoods at home

​Natural Pain Remedies, Inflammation & leaky Gut

Eating healthy on a budget

​Food is Medicine

​Criminal or Justice: Our Food System

​Inflammation: The Root Cause

​The Microbiome & Leaky Gut Syndrome

Parkinson's as an Autoimmune condition

If you have a particular subject of interest, I would be happy to put together a complete presentation for your group. 

​Go to contact to send me an e-mail to book engagement.

​​E-mail: realhealthsolns@gmail.com or  facebook: Real Health Solutions with Jacquie 

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